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With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, we have built up a rich and varied portfolio. ARRK SPG offers a broad spectrum of custom solutions, ranging from bumpers, dashboards and door panels to wheel arches, lights and technical parts.

For decades, we have collaborated with major premium European automotive car brands as well as with commercial vehicle manufacturers, including their 1st Tier suppliers. However, we have also worked together with independent niche car manufacturers. ARRK SPG offers prototyping, pre-series and low-volume solutions for any business and any product type. We closely cooperate with our colleagues of ARRK Engineering to offer full service capabilities. Of course global delivery is part of our services too.

Why choose ARRK-SPG?

‘ARRK SPG has proven its competence during the construction phase of our Porsche 918 Spyder project, through regular reports, on-time deliveries and a good overall quality. Despite a tight schedule and a considerable production volume ARRK SPG has proven to be a reliable supplier. The 918 Spyder project team would like to thank ARRK SPG for the commitment shown and the fruitful collaboration.’

In collaboration with Plastic Omnium, ARRK SPG has executed its largest prototyping project to date, with a budget of over 2.5 million euro. Various tools, multiple modifications, several different materials and strict deadline; despite these challenges, we brought it to a successful end. The verdict by the responsible project purchaser: 'You're the best supplier ever!'

‘Last year DAF introduced a new generation of trucks to which ARRK SPG collaborated in the design and styling phase. We really appreciated your cooperation from the beginning in realizing all deadlines and getting the styling models ready for management presentations on time with excellent quality. The prototypes helped us to make the right choices along the way. A personal highlight for me was the fact that the headlight was already operational in the early prototype phase of the project. That helped us to implement LED lighting on the entire vehicle, which is an important step towards a sustainable future.’

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