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ARRK SPG in a nutshell

ARRK SPG delivers high quality products and services in the innovative technical domain. We strive for an honest and pleasant collaboration, in which knowledge, quality and service are our highest priorities. We consider ARRK SPG to be an intermediary link between the customer and the supplier’s side. On one hand, we serve as a manufacturer of prototyping parts and elements, driven by our love for and knowledge about plastics and metals. On the other hand, we work in close harmony with our valued suppliers in the global ARRK network and local vendors. This allows us to offer pro-active project management and enables us to cover even more steps of the product development cycle.

ARRK SPG relies on a pragmatic team of experts and enthusiasts, as well as on high-tech machinery and equipment. We believe it is important to create a working environment in which our employees have the opportunity to access creativity, technical information and expertise in order to optimally serve the customer, who is always central. We see it as our mission to manage and satisfy any of our customers’ demands in the area of product development. We draw from over 20 years of experience and the extensive knowledge of our suppliers, while always looking for sustainable and innovative solutions . Because it is evident that our playing field is constantly changing, the demand for targeted solutions is steadily increasing. This means that our range of products and services is growing dynamically to realize practical solutions for our customers. In everything we do, quality, safety and the environment are our absolute priorities .


Solution- oriented thinking and acting from an enterprising attitude
Maximum service, keeping promises
Have the expertise to look and think beyond customer demand


2001, April

Start of SPG Pre-Series Tooling & Prototyping B.V. with pre-series injection moulding

Introduction of our PRE-TENSION Tool technology for pre-series bumper mouldings at ARRK SPG.

2003, March
2006, October

ARRK SPG established after asset buy from SPG-Kroymans and becoming member of the Global ARRK Group

Start with Injection Moulding at Weert

2008, November
2014, June

Renovation of Moulding and MuCell equipment

Relocation of ARRK SPG to new premises at Nederweert

2018, April
2018, July

Obtained new ISO Certifications 9001-2015, 14001-2015 and 27001-2017

Passed for TISAX assessment (Information Security)

2020, April

Supply Chain | Local & Global

As a member of the ARRK Group, ARRK SPG profits from an extensive supply base, which offers a very wide and deep set of specialized services. From elaborate engineering competences up to high quality finishing and assembly: together with our valued suppliers, ARRK SPG is capable of executing complex and comprehensive projects.

Several of these partnerships originated more than 20 years ago and have ever since been focussed on intensive collaboration, teamwork, innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Together we stand, to fulfil all of our customers’ demands.

Behind the Scenes

The Dutch television channel RTL Z aired a short company profile video about ARRK SPG. Our Managing Director Mario Neijts explains (in Dutch) how ARRK SPG can help with your prototype, pre-series and low-volume needs.

Watch the video

Our Team

Our valued team members take care of your project on a daily basis. Because of their passion and expertise, they are able to provide you with the right service at any time. You can approach us in Dutch, English, German and French. Please tap on the photo to contact one of our teammembers

Managing Director
Mario Neijts

Operations Director
Bas Ambaum

Technical Director
Peter-Jan Taheij

Financial & HR Manager
Carola Smits

Finance & Administration
Miranda Stribos

Senior Project Manager
Roy Joosten

Project Manager
Kevin Schoormans

Project Manager
Koen Huiskes

Project Manager
Joppe Korfage

Project Manager
Bas van Helden

Business Development Manager
Guido Martens

Logistics & Assembly
Björn Haufe

Logistics & Assembly
René Brunenberg

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Code of Conduct of the ARRK Group describes the most important values that are anchored within our company’s DNA. We consider our Code of Conduct to be a collection of promises and agreements with regard to all stakeholders that may be involved in a project, including customers, partners, investors and society.

It runs as a common thread throughout all our practices and activities, as it is our highest priority to pursue these promises and agreements in our daily affairs.

Our team consists of experienced employees, or craftsmen as we would prefer to call them. We consider them our key assets, and they help us build our central role as competence center for ARRK Europe. We are committed to achieve maximal process performance by continuous improvement in terms of our ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-27001 certification and our Tisax label.

In addition, we were recently awarded a Gold Medal from Ecovadis in recognition of our sustainability goals.

Long-term relationships with our clients
Trustworthy supplier base
High quality products and services
Honest, fair & ethical business
Minimal environmental impact
Non-disclosure of project and personal data

ISO Certificates

We aim to keep our work processes lean and clear. Besides, we value short communication lines and a complete helicopter view, overseeing the situation. In that way, our team members are able to make the best decisions for the benefit of our customers.

Therefore, our Management System focusses on four areas of attention: Health & Safety, Information Security, Environment and Business & Quality.

The (ISO) certificates presented below emphasize our desire to deliver the highest quality, while respecting the values and interests of our employees and customers and society as a whole.







Information Security


SPG Pre-Series Tooling & Prototyping B.V. has extensive measures for Protection of sensitive and confidential information. The confidentiality, availability and integrity of the information is very important to us. TISAX is a registered trademark and is managed by the ENX Association. Further information:

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