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ARRK Corporation

ARRK corporation is a global company that provides product development support services.

Since its founding in Japan in 1948, and the support of Mitsui Chemicals as a mother company since 2018, ARRK has had a strong focus on product development in the field of automotive, design, and other industries.

With their main activities including product planning, design, engineering, prototyping and low volume production ARRK facilitates every step of the production cycle.

ARRK development services in Europe

ARRK brings innovative products to the European market quickly and reliably with the support of three groups:

ARRK | SPG Pre-Series Tooling and Prototyping B.V. who is an intermediary link between the customer and the supplier. They offer proactive project management and product sourcing in every step of the product development cycle.

ARRK ENGINEERING specializes in technical automotive product development and resolving complex customer tasks with the goal of realizing projects quickly and in a technically comprehensive manner.

ARRK Visibility Solutions brings full package visibility to the mobile market with dedicated project management and strong capabilities in development and low volume production. ARRK Visibility Solutions enables you to see and be seen.

Mitsui Chemicals Group
ARRK is part of the Japanese Mitsui Chemicals Group since 2020. Mitsui Chemicals Inc. is headquartered in Tokyo and operates in 27 countries with over 19,000 employees at 137 subsidiaries. Its innovative and functional chemical products are in demand in the automotive, electronic and packaging industries as well as in the environmental protection and healthcare sectors. ARRK draws on that wide materials expertise of Mitsui Chemicals by using its wide range of product and material technologies in engineering, prototyping and production.
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