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From 1 up to 50 parts or modules

At ARRK SPG, we can create any plastic or metal product part for testing and experimental purposes. We are especially skilled in developing Lighting applications, interior trim and modules in show cars.


  • For a wide range of plastic block materials including engineering plastics
  • For optical materials like PMMA, PC, Zeonex and more.
  • Unique Diamond polishing technology for small optics in PMMA material
  • ARRK Fast-Tool technology for block moulding in series materials
  • SPDT (Single Point Diamond Turning), Fly-cutting and Diamond Machining technology for high precision optics
  • Block modelling / Mock-ups
  • For metals including stainless steel, aluminium (also for reflectors), copper and brass

PU-vacuum casting

  • For a wide range of materials
  • Including 2-/3-shot casting
  • Reflex patterns can be included for taillight applications
  • Standardized colours and surface finishing for (semi-)translucent materials
  • Silicon tools based on CNC-machined masters for excellent surface quality, highest accuracy and optimum dimensional stability

Silicon casting and extrusion

  • For silicon rubber parts for technical applications
  • For high-end silicon optics by using Dow materials

Sheet metal cut & press

  • Technical and structural parts, BIW components
  • Fine electrical components such as pins and PCB strips
  • Metal springs and clips
  • Soft tooling and laser cutting

ARRK Global 3D-Printing

  • SLS Selective Laser Sintering
  • SLA Stereolithography
  • Polyjet (Objet)
  • DMLS / SLM Metal Sintering

Low Volume Production

From 50 to 2000 parts or assemblies

SPG offers high-volume quality at low quantities and cost. We cover both pre-series and niche volumes. Our special competences lie with the production of fully finished and assembled modules for the Automotive and Truck industry

Injection Moulding

  • Using aluminium moulds operated at SPG as well as rapid steel non-export moulds operated from our ARRK Far-East facilities
  • PRE-TENSION Tool® for large mouldings
  • In-Mould-Decoration (IMD) & IML/FIM with printing electronics
  • Including 2-/3-shot over-moulding, gas injection (GID) and Sequential Valve Gating (SQV)
  • Insert moulding for metal and CFRP reinforcements, shafts, helicoils, etc.

Light-weight solutions

  • MuCell® and Chemical foaming
  • CRFP composite solutions (TP-prepreg over-moulding)
  • D-LFT Direct Long Fiber Thermoplastic moulding

Further Expertises

  • Blow moulding
  • Liquid Injection Moulding (LSR) for technical and optical parts
  • High Pressure Die-Casting (HPDC)
  • Extrusion for plastics, silicone rubber and aluminium
  • Sheet metal deep drawing, pressing and stamping
  • Compression moulding silicone rubber, SMC and BMC
  • Expandable Foaming (EPP / EPS)
  • Thermoforming


Make it unique

In order to truly assess a product's aesthetics in the early stages of product development, it is absolutely worthwhile to build a prototype with a high-quality finish. Using various finishing techniques, we can match or surpass the quality standards of the final product.

Surface treatment and Decoration

We offer endless finishing possibilities including:

  • Painting: soft painting, texture painting and high gloss painting
  • Laser texturing, machining and etching
  • E-coating (KTL), Electroplating and anodizing
  • Flocking
  • Galvanic chrome plating
  • Metallization and PVD-coating
  • And many more...


Ready to install

Besides the production of separate parts, we can also take care of the assembly of an integrated module or even a full product. We are especially skilled in:

  • Complex assemblies with multiple options, e.g. bumper facias and door panels
  • Functional lighting modules including PCB’s


  • Vibration Welding (friction welding)
  • Hot plate welding (mirror welding)
  • Ultrasonic welding

Industrial Gluing

  • For all types and combinations of plastics, including surface preparation
  • Metal and plastic bondings
  • Adhesive tapes and kit

Project Management

Motivated to fulfill

Together with our valued partners in our supply chain, we can manage any project from A to Z. First, we map all of our customer's wishes. Next, we plan, arrange and oversee the execution and deliver the final product. This way, ARRK SPG can offer complete fulfilment, or surpass expectations.

Supply Chain & Logistics

  • Sense of ownership & pro-active approach
  • Strong and frequent communication
  • Planning & EDI
  • Packaging & RFID-Labeling
  • Warehousing & Logistics

Quality Control

Finally, we execute various quality checks to make sure te products we deliver meet the highest standards.

  • Parts measurement 3D CMM, tactile or digital scanning
  • Process FMEA and control plan
  • PPAP / EMPB & IMDS registration

Engineering Support

We help your project thrive

Together with our sister company ARRK Engineering in Germany, we can foresee in concept or series development, validation or system integration in the Automotive, Lighting and Design & Industry markets. We build upon the extensive knowledge of our partners, while coordinating the process for our customers.

Interdisciplinary Topics

Because both ARRK SPG and ARRK Engineering possess a rich knowledge base, we can give thorough advice on interdisciplinary topics like Electronics & Software, CAE, Material, Acoustics and Composite for Automotive purposes. In the Lighting area, ARRK Engineering can help in the interdisciplinary development, testing and integration of optical systems.


Whether it concerns a Car Body, Powertrain, Optical Systems, Lighting Systems, Chassis or Interior & Exterior parts, together with our partners of ARRK Engineering, we can shape any Automotive or Lighting element.

Entire Vehicle Systems

Regardless of a product's complexity, ARRK Engineering always helps your project thrive. Entire Vehicle Systems is one of their topics of focus, including Passive Safety and Thermal Management.

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