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Design & Industries

At ARRK SPG, we focus on delivering high-quality prototype parts for product development and assessment in various industries. The components we supply are suitable for aesthetic evaluation and functional assessment during the validation stage of the development cycle, which is essential in creating a thought out, user-centric end product. We can use either plastics or metal as a raw material and offer a wide variety of finishing techniques, including painting, chrome plating, PVD-coating and many more.

Our latest projects include applications in aerospace, industrial equipment, consumer electronics and the medical domain. We maintain successful relationships with various design and development offices and manufacturers of consumer goods.

Why choose ARRK-SPG?

‘Good wine requires no praise, but an official compliment for our Spark Suppliers is never out of place. By prototyping different parts in countless projects, ARRK SPG has already helped us tremendously, so this compliment is well deserved. Everyone at ARRK SPG: Thank you!’

'ARRK SPG delivers rapidly and with a consistent quality. We rely on the fast response time of the ARRK SPG team to provide first prototypes of plastic optical systems. The quality and delivery time always meets our demands. Our flagship lamp XP30R was first built with lenses made by ARRK-SPG to successfully prove out the concept - thank you!'

'Over 90 years ago, the foundation was built for what DAF is today. To celebrate, ARRK SPG produced a special edition of the historic DAF logo for the anniversary edition of the XF truck. This famous emblem, recognizable by the 'sprung wheel', is applied to the front of the truck. The Anniversary Edition is limited to only 250 vehicles. It commemorates Hub van Doorne who stood at the base 90 years ago of what is now Europe's most successful truck manufacturer.'

A selection of our clients

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