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At ARRK SPG, we are driven by our fascination for light. We are convinced that lighting can contribute significantly to the experience of a product. It can literally shed a different light on the impression and perceived quality of an artefact. Because of rapid advances in LED lighting and its growing importance in automotive design, we have further developed our Lighting department over the past years. We manufacture prototyping components for exterior, interior and ambient lighting elements. Our non-automotive projects includes consumer lighting products such as coffee-machines, bicycle light and general domestic, garden or office lighting.

In many of our Lighting projects, we collaborate with our sister company ARRK Engineering in Germany. In the pre-development phase, we are guided by the expertise of their optical, thermal and mechanical engineering team.

We can supply both design parts for aesthetic evaluation and functional parts for light testing. Therefore we manufacture both mechanical and optical components using various technologies and materials and offer you a wide range of finishing possibilities.

Why choose ARRK-SPG?

‘As AgXeed we believe in a way of farming where the agricultural entrepreneur is able to make the most of his land, his crops and the environment. The key to sustainable agriculture is true autonomy. In recent years, we have devoted more effort to our publicity and the reactions we have been given are strictly positive. ARRK SPG equipped our autonomous AgBots with lighting and we are very satisfied! The lampshades they manufactured stay on neatly while driving across the land and remain cleanly black despite all the dust. Thank you!’

‘Last year DAF introduced a new generation of trucks to which ARRK SPG collaborated in the design and styling phase. We really appreciated your cooperation from the beginning in realizing all deadlines and getting the styling models ready for management presentations on time with excellent quality. The prototypes helped us to make the right choices along the way. A personal highlight for me was the fact that the headlight was already operational in the early prototype phase of the project. That helped us to implement LED lighting on the entire vehicle, which is an important step towards a sustainable future.’

'ARRK SPG delivers rapidly and with a consistent quality. We rely on the fast response time of the ARRK SPG team to provide first prototypes of plastic optical systems. The quality and delivery time always meets our demands. Our flagship lamp XP30R was first built with lenses made by ARRK-SPG to successfully prove out the concept - thank you!'

I would like to thank you for the perfect cooperation and quality of parts from your company. We are very satisfy with your kindly communication and perfect support for all projects, because the effort is excellent and you are able to gives us the best information about technologies and possible production method of separately parts for projects, which are becomes still more complicated! ARRK SPG is a very reliable and flexible partner for us.

A selection of our clients

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