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With dedicated project management and extensive experience in Prototyping, Pre-Series and Low Volume Production of plastic and metal parts, we serve the Automotive, Lighting and Design & Industry sector.

This enables us to embody your wildest ideas!

Behind the Scenes

The Dutch television channel RTL Z aired a company profile video about ARRK SPG. Our Managing Director Mario Neijts explains (in Dutch) how ARRK SPG can help with your prototype, pre-series and low-volume needs.

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Our highlights

‘ARRK SPG has proven its competence during the construction phase of our Porsche 918 Spyder project, through regular reports, on-time deliveries and a good overall quality. Despite a tight schedule and a considerable production volume ARRK SPG has proven to be a reliable supplier. The 918 Spyder project team would like to thank ARRK SPG for the commitment shown and the fruitful collaboration.’

‘Good wine requires no praise, but an official compliment for our Spark Suppliers is never out of place. By prototyping different parts in countless projects, ARRK SPG has already helped us tremendously, so this compliment is well deserved. Everyone at ARRK SPG: Thank you!’

In collaboration with Plastic Omnium, ARRK SPG has executed its largest prototyping project to date, with a budget of over 2.5 million euro. Various tools, multiple modifications, several different materials and strict deadline; despite these challenges, we brought it to a successful end. The verdict by the responsible project purchaser: 'You're the best supplier ever!'

'ARRK SPG delivers rapidly and with a consistent quality. We rely on the fast response time of the ARRK SPG team to provide first prototypes of plastic optical systems. The quality and delivery time always meets our demands. Our flagship lamp XP30R was first built with lenses made by ARRK-SPG to successfully prove out the concept - thank you!'

I would like to thank you for the perfect cooperation and quality of parts from your company. We are very satisfy with your kindly communication and perfect support for all projects, because the effort is excellent and you are able to gives us the best information about technologies and possible production method of separately parts for projects, which are becomes still more complicated! ARRK SPG is a very reliable and flexible partner for us.

'Over 90 years ago, the foundation was built for what DAF is today. To celebrate, ARRK SPG produced a special edition of the historic DAF logo for the anniversary edition of the XF truck. This famous emblem, recognizable by the 'sprung wheel', is applied to the front of the truck. The Anniversary Edition is limited to only 250 vehicles. It commemorates Hub van Doorne who stood at the base 90 years ago of what is now Europe's most successful truck manufacturer.'

‘As AgXeed we believe in a way of farming where the agricultural entrepreneur is able to make the most of his land, his crops and the environment. The key to sustainable agriculture is true autonomy. In recent years, we have devoted more effort to our publicity and the reactions we have been given are strictly positive. ARRK SPG equipped our autonomous AgBots with lighting and we are very satisfied! The lampshades they manufactured stay on neatly while driving across the land and remain cleanly black despite all the dust. Thank you!’

‘Last year DAF introduced a new generation of trucks to which ARRK SPG collaborated in the design and styling phase. We really appreciated your cooperation from the beginning in realizing all deadlines and getting the styling models ready for management presentations on time with excellent quality. The prototypes helped us to make the right choices along the way. A personal highlight for me was the fact that the headlight was already operational in the early prototype phase of the project. That helped us to implement LED lighting on the entire vehicle, which is an important step towards a sustainable future.’

Our cases

ARRK SPG found its origin in the automotive industry. We are specialized in the production of interior, exterior and technical parts for development purpose.

However, over the past decade, we have translated our knowledge and experience to other industrial domains, like lighting and product design. Discover our latest cases and explore the endless possibilities of prototype, pre-series and low volume production.


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Design & Industries

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